Many employers have a tough time keeping up with the changes and employees, typically, are either unaware of all of their rights or feel powerless to enforce them. At Hughes Law Office, we zealously represent the interests of employees whose rights have been violated. The bottom line is that most individuals want to do a great job for their employers. In exchange, they want to be compensated fairly and in accordance with the law. Similarly, employers expect their employees to be motivated and honest. And most – not all – want to assure that they do not violate the law.


We represent employees who have been terminated/harmed in violation of both state and federal law. Such laws include but is not limited to: 

            * Whistleblowers Protection Act 

            *  Elliott-Larsen Equal Right Act 

            *  Federal Fair Labor Standards Act 

            *  Agricultural Workers Protection Act 

            *  Equal Pay Act 

            * Discrimination Claims 

            * Family Medical Leave Act Violations 

           *  ERISA Claims 

         *  Severance Package Reviews


Client communication is a priority. We keep flexible office hours so that we are accessible and we will respond promptly to our clients’ inquiries and concerns. 

We provide high quality legal services to our clientele so that they can get the results that they so justly deserve. Let us help you stand up for your rights.



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