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The issues involved with divorce can disrupt your life more than virtually any other change. The emotional support system of your family and friends may be damaged. Divorce affects you financially through your income, credit and pension -- even your auto insurance and taxes. On a more personal level, divorce regulates the time you may have with your own child or children. Whatever your legal problem, the attorneys at Kraft & Associates are here to help you.

Many special circumstances require the assistance of a lawyer with the experience and expertise needed in the  divorce courts and the family law judicial system. These include Military Divorce, divorce when two states or even two nationalities are involved and divorce in blended stepfamilies.

Any one of the above divorce issues can have serious consequences in terms of your individual legal situation. Child support, for example, is an ongoing problem. The support amount must be determined.
Michigan family law provides guidelines for this. Will Social Security help the children if the supporting parent becomes disabled? What happens when the supporting parent's income changes through job loss, raises, bonuses, inheritance or winning the lottery? What if your child should become disabled prior to reaching a legal majority - should support payments continue? Is medical insurance and continued education part of your child's support agreement? What happens when the parent paying child support moves to another state or country?

Divorce, child and spousal support issues are legal problems. At the law firm of Hughes & Associates, our attorneys have the experience and expertise to help you. You can see us for free. Call Today For a Free Family Law Consultation.

Does the thought of calling a law firm make you nervous? If so, please read this short article.

In The Public Interest:

If you are separated or considering divorce, you should seek legal advice immediately - before you discuss monetary arrangements that will affect you or your children and before signing any documents.

Your rights and obligations regarding divorce and child support will vary depending on many different factors. You should act promptly in getting advice from a lawyer experienced in family law so that you will fully understand your rights under Texas and Federal laws and be in a better position to protect them. At Kraft and Associates, we provide this initial advice without charge or further obligation.


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