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The Michigan Lemon Law covers cars, light trucks, vans and SUVs. It does not cover motor homes, buses, trucks (other than a pickup or van), or a vehicle designed to travel on less than 4 wheels.


Michigan Lemon law applies only to vehicles that are purchased new. Used vehicles therefore are not covered. This is unfortunate since the vast majority of problems pertaining to vehicles concern used ones. However, if a consumer has a vehicle not covered by the Michigan Lemon Law , we may still be able to help under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and other state and federal legislation. There are also other Consumer Protection laws that apply to consumer product purchases. Complaints, recalls and class actions are also an option for certain cases. There are options for new, used and leased vehicles.

† A lemon lawyer or consumer protection attorney can provide information about the specifics of the lemon law in a particular state.

 Lemon laws can provide relief for consumers in dire circumstances, since vehicles are high-ticket items that most consumers can't readily afford to replace if serious problems arise. However, there are restrictions on the application of lemon law. In most states, dealers are allowed specific time periods or numbers of repair attempts before the provisions of the lemon law come into play. Most significantly, in most states the burden will be on the consumer to prove that the required opportunity to repair was provided, and that the statutory minimum number of repair attempts has been met.

 In most states,† Michigan included, information about local lemon laws is available through the state Attorney General. Whether or not a consumer needs a lemon law attorney to help exercise his rights under lemon law depends upon the strength and complexity of the lemon law statute. In any case, a lemon law lawyer can help steer a consumer in the right direction, advising him as to whether or not he has a claim and what kind of documentation will be required to enforce his rights.

 If you think you may have a claim under your Michigan's lemon law, check the Michiganís attorney general's website for information about the specific protections available. Then, contact a lemon or consumer protection lawyer to get more specific information about how the law applies in your case and what your next steps should be.

 Be aware that lemon laws have restrictions relating to time, repair attempts, and/or mileage, so don't delay in getting the information you need. Continuing to drive your car or even the simple passage of time could preclude you from exercising your rights under the lemon law.

Other Consumer Rights Issues Includes:

Buying a Used Car

Car Repairs

Recall of Consumer Products

†Faulty Home Repair

Landlordís Failure to Return Security Deposits

Credit Report Issues

Identity Theft

Medicaid Fraud

Telephone Fraud

Disputed Debts

Access to Credit Issues 

We offer representations in the above-mentioned areas as well as other consumer related matters. Many consumer protections laws because they are remedial in nature, allow for a winning plaintiff to recover reasonable attorney fees and costs from the party at fault. We stand ready to assist our clients in all their consumer needs.



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